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The AMCA's Consumer Affairs Program is designed to help resolve disputes or grievances submitted by AMCA members.  The Consumer Affairs Director is a credible listener who can also provide an objective review of the dispute or grievance.

The AMCA Board has adopted a Consumer Affairs Policy to provide a simple method to resolve disputes between members by offering voluntary mediation support. If the members agree to participate in mediation, the AMCA Consumer Affairs Director will attempt to help to resolve the problem through discussion and documentation.

This mediation process is voluntary and requires each of the members involved to participate. If anyone refuses, there will be no mediation and the issue will be dropped.

The AMCA will not arbitrate disputes between members (i.e. reach an authoritative judgment or settlement). With thorough discussion and persuasion, we will attempt to bring the members together for resolution but, we will not decide who is right or wrong. If the members can’t resolve their dispute through the mediation process, the AMCA will have no further involvement.

The AMCA will not become involved in the following circumstances:
  • Disputes between members and non-members or persons who were not AMCA members at the time of the incident. 
  • Disputes involving vehicle, parts or services transactions.
  • Acts of fraud or theft.
  • Deliberate misrepresentation.
  • Acts of moral turpitude.
In circumstances where members are alleged to be involved with fraud, theft, deliberate misrepresentation and acts of moral turpitude, the AMCA Board, at its sole discretion, may become involved under the AMCA membership policy.

So how does the process work where there is an honest dispute between members?  A member must contact us, preferably through the contact form below, and provide a description of the dispute. That should include the names and contact info. (i.e. phone no. and/or email address) of the members involved along with a description of what attempts have been made to resolve the dispute. We will then contact the members to determine if each is willing to have the dispute mediated. If the members agree, we will gather all pertinent information for review and discussion. If any member refuses to participate in mediation, the matter will be dropped for lack of voluntary participation.

The goal of this internal dispute/grievance resolution process is to solve the problems at the lowest level possible, so that these conflicts don’t escalate.  Again, this process is voluntary, for mediation only, not arbitration.  This may be a best first step in resolving an honest dispute.
AMCA Consumer Affairs - Form

P.O. Box 663, HUNTSVILLE, AL 35804